eMarketing Incorporated



We're not a webshop - we're a group of marketing professionals who understand the web and our place in a larger mix. We're a creative group of critical thinkers who thrive on solving complicated problems for our clients. We do so by developing interactions - meaningful and useful experiences that serve those consumers and customers that ultimately define the value of brand.

Our Clients

  • ACCO Brands
  • Big Y
  • Dell
  • Eckrich
  • Grohe
  • Kraft
  • Microsoft
  • Novartis
  • Southwest Airlines
  • UBISoft

Our Services

Brand Identity

Logo and 'brand standards' development (type, graphics, photography, motion, sound, and voice).

Integrated Product/Brand Campaigns

Search engine optimization, online promotions, rich media and database driven banners, experience microsites, as well as print and commercial video/film production for the purpose of broadband distribution.

Online Applications (Consumer and Business)

Solve consumer and customer problems, or serve latest needs, on behalf of your brand (e.g. template tools, personal publishing tools, brand specific widgets or desktop applications).

Community Connection

Identify ways of connecting brands to consumers, and consumers to one another, via interactive community tools, user-generated content management systems utilizing images and video, and online promotions.

Database and CRM

Sweepstakes, Contests, Instant Win Games, etc. Collect, segment, and analyze consumer information. Develop retention strategy. Execute using online and offline tactics (e.g. coupons, loyalty programs, relevant product information, etc.)

Corporate Website

Strategic planning, information architecture, creative development, as well as product portfolio management and purchase functionality.


To work with us, please contact:

Tim Welch

Managing Partner
Phone: 480.270.3006

Tim Washburn

V.P. Creative Director
Phone: 480.270.3011